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We’re transforming the lives of thousands

In Chicago’s East Garfield Park, there are significant negative influences to overcome. Breakthrough fosters the development of the community by building healthy relationship networks, growing the skills of the men, women and children, and promoting the transfer of wisdom to our younger generation. 

We are honored and blessed to live and work alongside the people of East Garfield Park. We invite you to join us in the process of learning together.

  • Every day, Breakthrough surrounds youth and adults with a network that supports their growth and expands their opportunities. Think about your first job. It probably came because of a relative or family friend. It came because someone was willing to take a chance on you. For those with limited connections, finding that first foothold of opportunity is a challenge. Breakthrough responds with the network model.

  • In Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood, children are exposed to drug sales, gun violence, death of peers, overcrowded classrooms and instability.  Breakthrough responds to these harsh realities with its youth development program: the Breakthrough Youth Network. 

    Together, Breakthrough offers academic, athletic, art, science, technology, faith development and life-skill programs for more than 700 children ages 3-19. 

    The Breakthrough Youth Network aims to overcome the forces of poverty and see our students become caring and responsible community members who transform East Garfield Park into a place where success becomes the norm and families prosper.

    Learn more about the Breakthrough Youth Network.

  • Breakthrough offers a new model for homeless services. We are intentional about treating every person in need with dignity and respect, so they receive much more than a bed to sleep in—they receive the tools necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

    Breakthrough’s men's and women's transitional housing shelters first aim to meet immediate needs of food and shelter through our kitchens, on-site laundry and showers. Guests then receive on-site primary and mental health care, employment training, and housing search assistance and placement.

    Learn more about the Breakthrough Adult Support Network.

  • Breakthrough seeks to end cycles of poverty in the community by providing a network of support to local residents through the Breakthrough Fresh Market, a client-choice food pantry that provides groceries and various supplies to families. Residents in zip codes 60624 and 60612 are eligible to shop. 

    Instead of receiving a bag of canned goods, guests are paired with a personal shopper and are guided through the shopping area to find the ingredients needed to create meals for their families. 

    Residents also receive access to legal aid, food stamps, housing and employment information, financial management, GED certification and family workshops. We welcome volunteers as well as food and supply donations.

    Breakthrough Fresh Market 
    Now located at 3334 W. Carroll Ave.


    Tuesday: 2-4 p.m.

    Thursday: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

    Saturday: 10 a.m. - Noon


We Are Breakthrough

In Chicago’s East Garfield Park, where disinvestment has left the neighborhood devoid of opportunity and full of broken dreams, Breakthrough is restoring the broken networks of youth and families and empowering adults in the community to achieve self-sufficiency and break the cycle of poverty.

Our Core Values

  • God
  • People
  • Relationships
  • Redemption
  • Structure
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Racial Justice

Read more about our mission and core values.


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Our Locations


Breakthrough Fresh Market

  • 3334 W. Carroll Ave. Chicago, IL 60624
  • (872) 444-8260
  • Tuesday (2PM-4PM) Thursday (10AM-2PM) Saturday (10AM-NOON) Produce Day every 4th Tuesday (10:30AM-12:30PM)

Breakthrough FamilyPlex

  • 3219 W. Carroll Ave. Chicago, IL 60624
  • (872) 444-8200