The Breakthrough FamilyPlex offers the East Garfield Park community a wide variety of amenities like meeting spaces, activities for adults, access to technology, health and fitness options. It is also home of the Breakthrough Youth Network.


Youth Network

The Breakthrough Youth Network offers the children, youth and young adults of East Garfield Park a wide variety of programs in sports, arts, academics and spiritual development; and surrounds them with a diverse network of caring adults to support their growth and expand their opportunities.

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Breakthrough Beginners program provides high quality early childhood education by partnering with families to promote the holistic development of children in East Garfield Park.

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Bridge Cafe

The Bridge Cafe seeks to provide true and lasting connection for those engaged in the community of East Garfield Park by providing a place residents can gather and enjoy each other's company while eating/drinking simple, delicious and thoughtfully selected foods and beverages. We believe these experiences strengthens relationships and builds bonds that stretch from our coffee shop out into the community.

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Fitness Center

The Breakthrough fitness center offers an affordable way to stay active and build connections with neighbors. Gym membership features access to showers, locker rooms, open gym time and even a meditation room.

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