Arloa Sutter
Executive Director (773)-346-1739

Marshall Douglas 
Human Resources Coordinator (773)-346-1731

John Smith
Chief Administrative Officer (773)-346-1730

Cheryl Anderson
Accounting Coordinator (773)-346-1732


Wilonda Cannon
Senior Director of Development (773)-346-1745

Alexandra Cesario
Development Director (773)-346-1782

Ann Healing 
Director of Church and Volunteer Engagement (773)-346-1773

Carrie Wall 
Development Specialist (773)-346-1783

Volunteer Engagement

Jennifer Kost
Fund Development Volunteer Engagement Coordinator (773)-346-1772

Robert Rush 
ASN Volunteer Engagement Coordinator (773)-346-1719

Lamar Taylor 
BYN Volunteer Engagement Coordinator (872)-444-8200

Breakthrough Youth Network

Bill Curry
Chief Program Officer, Breakthrough Youth Network (872)-444-8202

Eric Estrada
Office Manager (872)-444-8215

Lisa Gwin
Director of Early Childhood Education (872)-444-8210

Marcie Curry 
Senior Director, Breakthrough Youth Network (872)-444-8219

Gynger Garcia  
Community Liaison (872)-444-8205

Amy Nelson
Associate Director, Youth Network Art & Science Academy (872)-444-8206

Alex Cool
Associate Director, Nettie Bailey Student Achievement Program (872)-444-8207

Kari Starks 
Cafe Manager (872)-444-8216

Clara Porter  
Family Advocate (872)-444-8208

Ciera Smith   
Youth Fellow (872)-444-8200

Valeri Tao   
Fellows Coordinator (872)-444-8204

Deshaun Merrick    
FamillyPlex Operations Director (872)-444-8203

Jeremiah Phiri   
Business Development Specialist Fellow  (872)-444-8200

Breakthrough Adult Support Network

Yolanda Fields
Chief Program Officer, Breakthrough Adult Support Network (773)-346-1713

Workforce Development 

Nathan Bedell 
Workforce Development Coordinator (773)-346-1382

Fresh Market / Food Service

Valerie Davenport
Fresh Market Coordinator (872)-444-8260

Sherry Lin,  RD, LDN
Food Services Coordinator (773)-346-1395

Homeless Intervention - Men

Martin Coffer
Associate Director-Men's Services (773)-346-1714

Antonio Daniels 
Men's Program Coordinator (773)-346-1720

Homeless Intervention - Women

Cheron Massonburg BS, RN 
Director, Women's Services (872)-444-8251

Jennifer Kieser 
Women's Services Fellow (773)-722-0179

Nikisha Yancy
Women's Program Coordinator (872)-444-8254

Madelyn Bell, LCSW 
Behavioral Health Coordinator (773)-346-1723

Latoya Lewis   
Adminstrative Assistant (773)-346-1722

Homeless Intervention - Families & Permanent Supportive Housing   

Housing Coordinator (773)-346-1715