How the Davises Found Family After Tragedy

Family is of the utmost importance to lifelong East Garfield Park resident James Davis Sr. He remembers a time in his neighborhood where community and unity thrived. When it comes to raising his children, these are the ideals he hopes to instill to help equip them to impact Garfield Park’s future.

How Ms. Rozy Found her Breakthrough Through Community

Rozy hails from a small, beautiful Caribbean island in the West Indies called Dominica. For 15 years, Rozy worked as a civil servant in her native country’s government. When her family migrated to America, she felt her purpose was threatened. How could she be a resource to the people around her in such a large, unfamiliar place?

She started by passing out water bottles to those in need, suffering from the humid Houston summer heat. What started as a monthly day of service, became both a public watering hole and an on-the-street ministry. "That was an upside for me being in the US. Dominica is a small island with needs to be met but I never thought that I’d see so many people in America with so many needs. It really touched me.”

When Rozy’s son asked her to move with him to the West Side of Chicago, she resisted it at first, but eventually she was led to her breakthrough.

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