In January of 2001, Breakthrough began to discuss plans to start a tutoring program in the newly acquired Joshua Center space on Carroll Street. There were dozens of kids within just a block of the center. The more parents we met, the more we understood their desire for after...


If you live in Chicago, you can’t help but notice our crazy weather. It seems we go from warm days with bright sunshine and azure blue skies to blustery snow storms in a matter of minutes. Despite the extreme changes in the weather, I have been enjoying the beautiful carpet of yellow...

Celebrating a Dad's Love

Written By: Yolanda Fields Chief Program Officer-Adult Support Network

When Breakthrough announced plans for its first Daddy Daughter Dance, I received immediate feelings of nostalgia. I thought about the lyrics to one of my favorite Luther Vandross songs, "Dance With My Father". I kept...

Many People Many Stories

I received an email over the weekend from someone I didn’t know. The message was short and to the point. “Your program is the best inside the City of Chicago. Continue to strive for excellence.” I immediately felt a wave of encouragement. Since I didn’t know who sent the message, I...

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