Executive Director

With Breakthrough since 1992

Arloa is the founder and visionary leader for Breakthrough. She began Breakthrough when she simply responded to a need and began serving hot coffee and lunch to the homeless. Arloa holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from the Bakke Graduate University and an MA in Urban Mission from Lincoln Christian Seminary. She also authored The Invisible: How the Church Can Find and Serve the Least of These. Arloa’s favorite part of Breakthrough is the people. They are from such varied backgrounds and walks of life. Everyday she gets to see people come together, infused by the love of God, to overcome barriers and make life better for one another. In her free time, Arloa enjoys spending time with her daughters and grandchildren. She also likes hiking and and camping in the woods. She is a farmer at heart and enjoys gardening and woodworking.


Phone: (773) 346-1739

Email: asutter@breakthrough.org