Senior Director, Adult Support Network

With Breakthrough since 2001

Cheron’s favorite part of working at Breakthrough is being given the opportunity to love and serve others the way God does. She was introduced to the organization through a family member, and, since she began working at Breakthrough, she has obtained a BS in nursing. This degree has helped equip her for her leadership role. A significant memory during her time at Breakthrough was when she once encountered a woman with a physical disability in the bathroom. When the woman yelled for help, Cheron entered and found she needed help buttoning her shirt. It would have taken her at least 20 minutes. Afterwards, Cheron thanked her for allowing her to assist her, and the woman thanked her as well. Cheron walked away from that experience thinking to herself how often she forgets to thank God for the small things. She also walked away thanking God for the experience and the opportunity to be able to help! In her free time, she enjoys praying, reading, traveling, and watching football and basketball. She also enjoys watching her son play basketball and spending time with family and friends.


Phone: (872) 444-8251