Community Safety Director

With Breakthrough since 2007

Martin received a BA in Christian Ministry with a focus on Leadership from Trinity International University, and he was first assigned to Breakthrough as an intern. Martin feels equipped to serve the people in the community because he has faced similar challenges as some of the population Breakthrough serves and was able to, through the Love God, overcome them. His favorite part of working at Breakthrough is the challenges and opportunities for growth he confronts every day. His most memorable experience at Breakthrough was when, while working for Breakthrough’s homeless services, a guest came in needing assistance. He was homeless, in his mid-50s, had multiple health challenges, had no contact with family, and was unemployed. After his initial intake, Martin felt this overwhelming sense of despair, feeling like he couldn’t help him. He prayed for this guest, and God answered. Eleven months later, the guest was addressing his health issues, working full time, had connected with his daughters, and was able to obtain secure housing. While he still confronts challenges, he is reminded to never give up, to never lose heart, and to pray for God’s direction. In his free time, Martin enjoys spending time with his wife, five children, and three granddaughters; church responsibilities; and gardening.


Phone: (773) 346-1714