Attorney, Law at Last, Inc.

Zina Bryant is an Attorney at Law at Last, Inc. where she focuses on probate, estate planning, and real estate. She founded her practice in 2009 with the mission of assisting individuals and families with end ­of life planning. Her professional background includes work in public service and higher education as well as a 10 year stint as an FBI Special Agent conducting white collar and counterterrorism investigations. A native of Chicago but reared on a farm in Hopkins Park, Zina is a mother and grandmother. She enjoys reading, writing, playing in the sunshine, and traveling with her grandson.

Why I am committed to Breakthrough:

Struggling people retain or are best given dignity by being offered a hand­up rather than a hand­out. Breakthrough gets this dynamic and operates accordingly and thereby restores folks to wholeness. This is one of the reasons I am committed to Breakthrough.

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