Chief Program Officer, Breakthrough Adult Support Network

Started as a volunteer in 2002, started as the Director of Street Outreach in 2003

Yolanda was first drawn to Breakthrough as a volunteer because of her passion for women in crisis. This led her to seek out others who were meeting the needs of forgotten and overlooked women. Breakthrough was responding to women affected by sex trafficking in a compassionate, helpful way. Further, Yolanda’s leadership skills formed in her 10 years of corporate experience, preparing her for the position she holds today. The participants, staff, volunteers, and other community partners have added so much value to Yolanda’s life, and, even in tough situations, Breakthrough’s staff has rallied together like a true, loving family and weathered storms together, never allowing the turmoil to compromise the way we delivered on the promises we made to those we serve. In her free time, Yolanda loves spending time with her family and making plans to do some of things I see on Pinterest. Unfortunately, few of those projects ever get accomplished!


Phone: (773) 346-1713